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Aqua Filling System - The battery filling system that does more with less.

An essential part of lead-acid battery maintenance is watering a lead-acid battery. Thanks to our industry-standard SmartBlinky range, you know exactly when to water a battery and now we've created a new and innovative battery filling system not only saves time but money too.

Our challenge when designing a new battery filling system was to use fewer components while offering more features and benefits than other battery filling system available on the market, all for a lower price. More importantly, the system needed to be compatible with the methods and standards currently in use, to give greater flexibility when choosing the right battery filling system that helps in making batteries better. 

By taking a fresh look at how to make a float control water, and stop reliably every time, we have created an ultra-reliable and low-cost universal battery filling system, the AFS - Aqua Filling System.

Along with being faster to install and having fewer parts than the competition, the AFS battery filling system offers a host of additional benefits:

  • An easily accessible hydrometer hole.
  • Maximum visibility for the level float.
  • A water trap.
  • Custom branded caps for the AFS valves.
  • A low profile.
  • Integration with common industry standards for fill heights and tube widths.

Our new shut off mechanism is more reliable than any other low to mid pressure range watering system that has come before it. This means battery builders can be confident they have the fastest system to install, reducing assembly costs. Battery distributors can be confident they always have the correct items in stock without tying up capital and space. Battery owners can be confident their batteries are being watered safely and efficiently and battery maintenance people can be confident they have done their job correctly.

The AFS can be used in conjunction with many water supplies available on the market today such as our HydroFill Pro. We always recommend using pure/deionized water with a battery filling system to ensure now unwanted particles and minerals are deposited in the battery, reducing the overall charge capacity and battery life over time.

  • One float for all heights:  A single float with five settings does what other filling systems do with 19 different floats. 
  • One valve for all batteries: The base AFS valve is for bayonet vents simply add an adapter for the DIN or GS.
  • Easily adjustableeven in operation: If you find the application needs higher or lower fill heights the AFS can be adjusted without changing any parts.
  • Improved battery life: Batteries must be watered, the AFS makes the process quicker and safer than manual watering and the low price point makes single point watering more accessible to cost-conscious customers.
  • High visibility water level indicator: Instead of a white eye that is hard to see inside a dark battery compartment, the AFS has a fluorescent, magic eye that can be seen from every angle.
  • Watch the action:  The transparent bayonet and tube enable operators to watch water enter the cell.
  • Wide operating pressure: The AFS runs at industry standard 0.2 – 3 bar, (3.8 psi to 43.5 psi).
  • Compatible with battery filling systems: The AFS can be used with standard 6mm battery filling system tubing and connections.
  • Three parts: The AFS system is made up of just three core parts: the valve, the tube, and the output assembly. This saves money being tied up in inventory and reduces installation time.
  • Fast install: Select the float, put the valve in the cell and connect with the tube – no collars required!!
  • Accessible hydrometer port: Measure specific gravities without having to open a lid with the easily accessible hydrometer port.
  • Engineered to be tough: The AFS is built to withstand the harsh environment of industrial battery applications. All materials are corrosion resistant and the low profile design protects against damage from battery cables and other hazards. The AFS has been designed to last the life of the battery.
  • Inexpensive and cost-effective: The AFS is inexpensive, and when combined savings from the quick installation time and the reduction in capital tied up in parts, delivers a rapid return on investment.
  • Interchangeable: The AFS can be removed from one battery and easily fitted to another and different vent types can be accommodated with the addition of an adapter.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: The AFS is covered by a one-year conditional warranty and has an anticipated design life of greater than five years.

Input/Operating Pressure: 3.8 to 43.5 psi (0.2 to 3 bar)

Acceptable Filling Temperature: 2°C to 71°C

Acceptable Exposure/Application Temperature: -29°C to 71°C

Valve Body Material: Polypropylene

Max Valve Height above Vent: 2.2 cm 

Tubing Material: Proprietary flexible PVC

Input Hose Size: 6 mm

Fitting Type (Compatible with Vent Opening Types): US 1/4 Turn, GS & DIN



What pressure does the AFS System operate at?
The AFS runs at 0.2 – 3 bar, (3.8 psi to 43.5 psi).

Which type of battery watering cart should I use with my AFS system?
The watering cart you need is a HydroFill Pro which can be found here – HydroFill Pro

The battery that my AFS is installed on has come to the end of its life, can I use the AFS system on another of my batteries?
The AFS system can be removed from one battery and easily fitted to another although the tubing lengths may need to be altered. Different vent types can also be accommodated with the use of an adapter.

My AFS system is not shutting off when full, what should I do?
This is likely to be a problem with the input pressure being outside of the specified limits. Check the input pressure is between 0.2 – 3 bar, (3.8 psi to 43.5 psi).