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SmartBlinky Remote™

Let your battery tell you when it needs water!

SmartBlinky™ Remote is an electrolyte level indicator designed for lead-acid batteries that do not leave the forklift truck or for industrial batteries that are charged on multi-level racks. What makes the SmartBlinky Remote ideal for these applications is that the LED indicator can be edge-mounted for easier visibility. The SmartBlinky Remote’s super bright LED is has been engineered to provide a much clearer indication that the battery requires watering. The housing for the LED has a lower profile and is more robust, making it more resistant to damage, perfect if the indicator is edge-mounted.

As the SmartBlinky Remote has our patented SmartDelay Technology, you are able to clearly see exactly when a lead-acid battery needs water. This makes pro-active battery maintenance easy, helps to protect batteries from drying out and achieve their maximum performance. When used with one of industry-leading battery filling systems such as the AFS, Stealth or Water Injector Systems it helps reduce the amount of time it takes to carry out the essential maintenance task of watering your batteries.

The SmartBlinky Remote works on all industrial lead-acid batteries including 6v and 12v golf and block batteries, giving you great flexibility if you have a range of different machines and batteries on-site.



The SmartBlinky™ Remote features patented SmartDelay Technology, which eliminates false indication and prevents unnecessary watering. The super bright indication LED's, show green for water level OK and red for water needed, provide a much clearer indication that the battery requires watering.

  • Easy to see and use: The brightest LED in the industry means that a SmartBlinky Remote is as to easy to see as it is to understand: A slow, bright green flash pattern means the electrolyte level is OK; A rapid, bright red flash pattern means the battery needs filling.
  • Patented Smart Sensing Technology: The SmartBlinky Remote is programmed to confirm that the electrolyte level is truly below the probe tip before it changes color. The probe must be out of the electrolyte for 24 hours before color changes from green to red. This eliminates false indication, maximizes watering intervals to prevent unnecessary watering and minimizes the potential for costly boil overs.
  • Installation Forgiveness: This new feature provides for more tolerance of installation errors, reducing the risk of damaging the monitors during installation. If the unit is installed incorrectly within the forgiveness zone the LED will not come on but the unit is not permanently damaged and can be corrected.
  • Improves operator safety: There is no longer any need for maintenance staff to peer into vent wells to check levels. The very bright LEDs ensure that SmartBlinky Remote indicators are visible.
  • Multiple Fuses: All SmartBlinky Remote battery watering monitors are supplied with a minimum of two fuses. One on the internal circuitry and one on a lead wire.
  • UL Classified:  All SmartBlinky Remote battery watering monitors are UL Classified so that you can be assured of their safety.
  • Protects your battery investment: The SmartBlinky Remote helps protect against battery dry-out, a major failure mode for industrial batteries. Designed to work on all industrial lead-acid batteries including 6v and 12v block and golf cart batteries.
  • Engineered to be even tougher: The SmartBlinky Remote electrolyte indicator is built to withstand the harsh environment of industrial battery applications. All materials are resistant to corrosion and the low profile design protects against damage from battery cables and other hazards. It is designed and engineered to last for the life of the battery.
  • Battery friendly probe: The probe is lead so there is never a fear of poisoning the lead-acid battery into which it is placed.
  • Inexpensive and cost-effective: Over a battery lifetime, a SmartBlinky Remote electrolyte indicator saves a surprising amount of time and in turn labor costs, delivering a rapid return on investment. The cost of a single SmartBlinky Remote is a very small addition to the purchase price of an industrial battery, but it allows watering on a labor-saving "as-needed" basis instead of a “hit-or-miss schedule” basis. This is even more important with batteries that require less frequent water additions.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: SmartBlinky Remote electrolyte indicators are covered by a one-year limited warranty.

System Exposure Temperature: -20° to 160°F (-29° to 71°C)

Operating Voltage: 4 to 12 VDC; 6 VDC Nominal

Forgiveness Zone:  14 to 16 VDC

Permanent Failure:  18 VDC or greater

Nominal Current: 24mA

Weight: 2.05 oz (58.1 g)

Cable Lengths: Red (102cm), Black (102cm), Blue (105cm)

Part Number: ACC-SREM3