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Water Injector Classic System™

High Speed, High Reliability & Fast Installation.

Since 1991 the Water Injector Classic System™ has been the world’s fastest, and most reliable way to add water to industrial batteries.  This system features continuous tubing to deliver water, in series, to each valve to fill the battery. As each cell is filled the valves shut off.   It is very simple to use: an operator clicks on a water-hose connection, opens a valve, and in 15 seconds or less the entire battery is watered - perfectly.  Clear continuous tubing allows you to see the water flowing through the system so that you know your battery is being watered.  The Water Injector Classic System can be ordered as a "ready to install" Instant Install system or as a "finish on site" Semi-Assembled system.  The system must be used with our factory authorized Injector Water Supplies to ensure proper performance and our famous 15-second fill. 

Link to Instant Install Layout List

Instant Install

Instant-Install is a fully assembled system – the first in the battery industry. The entire Water Injector “string” is assembled in our factory, complete in every detail, matched to and ready to install on a specific battery type. It can be installed on a battery completely in about 3 minutes, by unskilled labor. Installation can occur either in a battery factory at production time or on site, simply by snapping the Injectors into the cells.

Instant-Install is most valuable where multiple, identical batteries are to be fitted with the Water Injector System™. Consider the time saved if several hundred batteries are to be fitted. This is the case in many large warehouses and distribution centers. The Instant-Install option is now so popular in the USA that most Water Injector Systems are currently delivered to customers this way. Another benefit of Instant-Install is that there is only one part number for the entire assembly, simplifying the customer’s purchasing and inventory control procedures.







Semi Assembled

The Semi Assembled option is similar to Instant Install; however, holes in the tubing do not come already punched and ready to fit a particular battery type. Instead, the installer must punch holes in the tubing to fit each system (punch tool available).

This Semi Assembled option is more flexible than Instant Install because it can be used on any battery with the correct, or fewer, number of cells. It is most useful where there are a variety of battery types to convert in the field. We provide battery layout guides for installers to use.  

The installer snaps the string of Water Injectors on to the battery, sliding each Injector along the tubing until the layout is perfect. He then marks the tubing with a pen, moves each Injector aside, punches a hole (actually a pair of holes), and then returns the Injector to its marked location. The installer then trims away any excess tubing, attaches the end Injector and that’s it. 

INJ-S12_0048-Large sRGB_clipped_rev_1.png



Input/Operating Pressure: 25 to 35 psi (1.7 to 2.4 bar)

Acceptable Filling Temperature: 35° to 160°F (2° to 71°C)

Valve Body Material: Polypropylene

Max Valve Height above Vent: 1.10 in  (2.79 cm)

Flow Rate: 8 to 10 gpm (30 to 38 lpm) per string

System Exposure Temperature: -20° to 160°F (-29° to 71°C)

Tubing Material: Proprietary flexible PVC

Fitting Type (Compatible with Vent Opening Types): US 1/4 Turn & DIN

Maximum number of valves per input coupling: 24

Input Hose Size: 1/2 in (1.3 cm)

Weight: 1.4 lb (0.64 kg)


What is the difference in length between the standard Injector and the Extended version?
Measured from underside of white disk to the end of the injector.

Standard injector = 51mm

Extended injector = 70mm.

What pressure does the water injector system operate at?
Operational pressure is between 25 and 35psi

How long will it take to fill my battery if I used a Water Injector system?
Filling a battery with this system can take approximately 15 – 30 seconds but this will depend on how low the electrolyte level is.

How can I tell if my battery needs topping up?
We recommend purchasing a Blinky so that you can check your electrolyte levels in a safe and fast way.

If I can’t see the electrolyte level how do I know when it is full?
The system will automatically shut off when full.