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Mobile Dual Deionizer Cart

Mobility and twice the capacity

The Mobile Deionizer System is designed to bring pure, battery-ready water right to where you need it.  Originally designed to be used with diesel locomotive starter batteries, it can be used wherever a mobile source of deionized water is needed.  Each system uses two HydroPure™ cartridges, which are each rated for 600 gallons (2400 liters) of pure water* to provide extra deionization capacity.   Only one cartridge is used at a time; when it becomes exhausted you simply turn the handle to activate the second cartridge.  You can replace the exhausted cartridge when it is convenient to do so.  Included purity light tells you when the cartridge is exhausted and needs to be replaced.     

To use the Mobile Dual Deionizer Cart, simply connect the unit to a pressurized water source, such as tap to your building's water main, turn the handle toward the active cartridge and connect a Battery Watering Gun to the output hose of the system.  You are now ready to water your batteries with pure battery water! 

Please note that this cart has no water storage capacity.   It can be used with all Philadelphia Scientific Battery Watering Guns or be used to fill any of our water tanks and carts for use with a single point watering system such as our Water Injector System™ or Stealth Watering System™.  It even comes with a handy place to store tools or supplies!

*Actual output varies with tap water quality

  • Steel frame hand-truck construction
  • The Mobile Deionizer System uses two standard HydroPure deionizer cartridges (PS-600). Cartridge replacement is simple.
  • Control valve allows you to select which cartridge to use. 
  • Purity light is a sophisticated indicator that monitors the conductivity of the output water and continuously signals when a cartridge needs replacing. The purity light is powered by two D-cell batteries that last for approximately two years. 
  • Rugged tires for easy transportation through the yard.



Input/Operating Pressure: <80 psi (<5.52 bar)

Flow Rate: 0.5 gpm with provided restrictor  (1.89 lpm)

System Exposure Temperature: 35° to 160°F (2° to 71°C)

Power Source: For purity light3 VDC 2xD-Cell

Purity Light Setting: 50 ppm total dissolved

Input Hose Size: 3/8 in (1.3 cm)

Input Hose Length: 10 ft (3.0 m)

Output Hose Size: 3/8 in (1.3 cm)

Output Hose Length: 20 ft (6.1 m)

Weight: 120 lb (54.43 kg)

Product Height: 58 in (147.3 cm)

Product Length: 21 in (53.3 cm)

Product Width: 25 in (63.5 cm)

Capacity: 600 gallons per cartridge (2,271 l)

Wheel Size: 13 in (33.0 cm)

Wheel Type: Ball Bearing