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Battery Management

Our battery management systems eliminate the guesswork involved in managing a battery room, enabling the most cost-effective utilization of your pool of batteries and ensures proper battery rotation. Our systems provide you with essential battery room data and information that allow you to save money in your battery room and get more performance from your batteries. This allows for faster battery changes and extended battery life.

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Battery Monitoring

Expensive assets are almost always monitored to record how they are being used. While a forklift truck has an hour meter and a service record to help estimate the usage level, the monitoring of the battery is often overlooked. This leads to batteries becoming over-discharged, not watered and ultimately dead long before they're supposed to be. Our range of battery monitors gives you both visual and audio cues to make sure essential maintenance is carried out, and we can even record and transmit a wide range of data points giving you key information on how individual batteries are performing.

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Battery Watering

Lead acid batteries need water, and our range of watering systems makes this process affordable, reliable and most importantly quick. Compared with manual watering, our watering products are a safer option as they keep eyes and face away from battery hazards and prevent exposure from electrolytes. Our high-speed battery watering systems can fill cells to the correct level all within 15 seconds, not only does this extend battery life, but it saves labor costs reducing the total maintenance cost per battery to under $25 a year.

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Water Supplies

Our water supplies make transporting water to your batteries easier and more convenient, due to their sturdy and simple to use design. Their mobility allows you to transport water to anywhere in your facility. They save hours of maintenance time each week, as their high capacity means that operators don’t have to keep going back and forth for more water. Our range of carts can also integrate our deionizer technology into the body meaning you can generate pure water on the go.

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Water Deionizers

Our water deionizers are the most cost-effective source of pure water as they reduce the high price of buying bottled water, distilling water or using reverse osmosis. They come with everything you need to make your own pure water right from your own tap, which results in extended battery life and truck run time. Generating pure water on site also removes the need to store large and bulky supplies of deionized water, freeing up precious real estate in your battery room.

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Microcat Catalysts

Our MicroCat catalysts prevent premature capacity loss and increases the life of VRLA cells, as well as reducing float current in hot climates. When a Microcat Catalyst is installed into a VRLA battery cell, it changes the electrochemical reactions within the cell. This creates balance within the cell, preventing the negative plate from depolarizing over time. The Microcat Catalyst employs ultra-high temperature plastics, safe catalyst material, self-limiting recombination to avoid overheating and ultrasonic sealing.

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Latest News

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JULY 27 / Industry Insights

Saving space in more ways than one

There is one aspect of the warehouse directly affected by the increased demands that feature editor Simpson doesn’t mention and that’s the battery room. An increased demand for products means an increase in work time for forklift trucks and the lead-acid batteries that power them.

JULY 16 / Latest News

Forklift Battery Management may not sound glamourous, but it is cool

Usually, tucked away in the corner of the warehouse, the battery room is actually the heart of the operation. You might think that it is a bit of an exaggeration but if there are no batteries, there are no forklifts and if there are no forklifts, well, everything comes to a standstill.

JULY 7 / Latest News

Philadelphia Scientific’s success in going green!

The original estimate was a reduction of 400 reams of paper, equating to around 200,000 pieces a year. A year later, we have shattered that estimation by nearly doubling the reduction saving over 360,000 pieces of paper.