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Remote Shouter

External Auxillary Speaker

mounted remote shouter

The Remote Shouter can be added to augment the built-in Shouter on the system Controller.   This is done for larger battery rooms to make sure that that the mispick alarm is heard. It signals a loud alarm every time a wrong battery is selected.   

  • The shouter alarm alerts the operator when the wrong battery has been selected.
  • This enables the system to ensure proper battery rotation.
  • An additional Shouter can be remotely mounted away from the Controller for larger battery rooms.

Power Source: Control Box

Dimensions: 7"H x 5"W x 7" D (17.78 cm H x 12.7 cm W x 17.78 cm D)

Weight:  4.8 lbs. (2.18 kg)

Power cord length: 50 Ft (15.24 m)

mounted remote shouter
iBOS Remote Shouter Installation