Battery Monitoring

Protecting your batteries in a time saving and cost-effective way.

From Bad

Forklift batteries can be the most overlooked and under-managed assets on a warehouse, yet, when they aren’t maintained, they can significantly reduce productivity. Batteries that aren’t adequately monitored may eventually require expensive repairs and even premature replacement. Without a cost-effective way to monitor the usage and care of a battery, companies have been unable to improve the site’s procedures. This results in increased labour and maintenance costs, as well as premature battery failure.

Battery Monitoring

We have decades of experience helping our customers save time and money by protecting their batteries. Our battery monitoring products are a low-cost solution that helps operators to measure battery performance and monitor battery life. They identify potential issues before they cause expensive damage, and they give you more efficient batteries. This improves a sites overall productivity and profitability.

To Good

Our battery monitoring products make sure that batteries are properly maintained, making it less likely that there is any need for repairs or replacements. We provide low-cost ways to pro-actively improve maintenance procedures with our monitoring products, resulting in reduced labour costs. Our monitoring products also improve productivity, as operators can maintain the batteries only when it is necessary.

Battery Monitoring

From a simple electrolyte indicator through to a web connected battery life monitors, we have everything available to help maximize the life of your battery.


An electrolyte-level Indicator with green blinking light and single wire connection.


The smartest battery water level monitor with a super bright indicator.

SmartBlinky Remote™

Perfect for batteries that don't leave the truck. The LED housing can be edge-mounted for high visibility of the super bright indications.

SmartBlinky Pro™

The gold standard for battery water monitors. Super bright LED mounts right on the cable and has an audible alarm.