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iBOS Charger-Splitter

Half the chargers, half the cost.

iBOS Charger-Splitter

One of the biggest investments in a battery room is the cost of the chargers. They’re an essential piece of equipment but are only used an average of 22% of the time.

The iBOS Charger-Splitter makes it possible to utilize that unused charger capacity and halve the number of chargers to charge your battery fleet. The savings are significant and for sites with 20 chargers or more, will more than pay for the entire iBOS system with money left over. 

The Charger-Splitter is an optional addition to an iBOS system allowing users to manually sequence one charger for two batteries. It works by simply turning on a blinking white light to tell users of the system to unplug a charger from one battery and into the other.

Alerts are displayed on the remote operations display to ensure the switch gets done and reports on the iBOSWorld website track users performance using the system.

Whether on a greenfield site, a site at maximum electrical infrastructure capacity or on a full renovation and reconfiguration of a battery room, the iBOS Charger-Splitter will halve the number of chargers you need.


No matter what your scenario, when you choose the iBOS Charger-Splitter, you will half the cost of the chargers. A huge savings against the initial outlay especially now that the utilization of the chargers will be doubled too. The extra benefit that comes with the iBOS system is a reduction in daily truck changes and a reduction in battery change time, giving you two ways to greatly improve the ROI in your battery room.

To calculate the cost savings that can be achieved when the iBOS Charger-Splitter is paired with the iBOS battery room management system, let’s assume that the average cost of one charger is $2,500* (an average for different sized chargers), which includes $300 for the cost of installation and junction boxes.

For each charger eliminated, a set of extension cables and a Charger-Splitter must be added. The cost of this hardware and installing it is estimated to be $510. That means the net savings are about $2,000 for every Charger-Splitter installed.

A site that would traditionally use 50 chargers could now use 25 chargers with 25 Charger-Splitters and would see a cost reduction of $50,000. This scenario provides the hardware to supply charging current to each rack location but does not include the cost of the iBOS system needed to operate it. The good news is that in sites with at least 20 rack locations, the savings from using iBOS Charger-Splitters will pay for the cost of an iBOS system. Using the above example, the list price for a 50-charger iBOS system will be approximately $25,000. The cost savings from buying fewer chargers will pay for an iBOS system and still be $25,000 less expensive than putting in a traditional charging system without a battery room management system.

Here are the estimated cost savings for varying system sizes:

  Charging Positions   iBOS & Charger Splitter, Half The Chargers   Chargers Only   Savings**
  20   $45,635   $49,830   $4,195
  50   $98,358   $124,575   $26,218
  100   $190,775   $249,150   $58,375
  200   $381,000   $498,300   $117,300
  350   $654,183   $872,025   $217,843

*This cost does not include the cost of running the AC electric supply to the battery room. 
**Note that these savings are after paying for the iBOS battery room management system. Essentially, the user is getting a free iBOS system in addition to these savings.

Part Numbers:

  • BOS-258 - Charger-Splitter Kit. Includes:
    • 1 charger splitter bracket
    • 2 splitter enabled sentinels
    • 1 CAT-3 cable (7ft)
    • 1 CAT-3 cable (1ft)
  • BOS-137 - Charger-Splitter Bracket
  • BOS-SU6002 - Sentinel, Charger-Splitter enabled
  • BOS-259 - Sentinel white light upgrade module


Splitter bracket drawing

ibos charger splitter drawing