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The information you need to save money in your battery room

Let’s face it; managing a battery room is generally done in the blind without any real, hard information to work with. And the bigger the battery room the more difficult and confusing it becomes. Most warehouse and DC battery fleets have either too few or too many batteries. Too few means battery assets are being over-utilized, reducing battery run time and life. Too many means expensive, unused assets are being wasted. But, how do you know if you have the right number of batteries? How do you know that you are not wasting tens of thousands of dollars a year in unneeded battery purchases or lost productivity? You can’t know without objective, accurate battery usage information. You can’t improve what you haven’t measured.

iBOSWorld Web Service solves this problem by giving you battery room information right at your fingertips. It organizes and makes sense of all of the activity that goes on in a battery room so that decisions can be made that lead to cost savings and greater efficiency. 

With over 25,000 chargers under management, the iBOSWorld Web Service offers the simplest and lowest cost way to truly understand how your battery room is performing so that effective decisions can be made.   Non-fussy, information-forward reports give managers the insight and feedback they need to run their battery rooms in a truly Lean fashion. 

Easy-to-understand web-based reports that synopsize battery room performance to help guide battery and charger buying decisions; it gives you the data you need to save money by right-sizing your battery room.  It also provides unique visibility on your battery room’s energy usage.  Importantly, it provides this benefit for a single facility or for all of your warehouses or DCs through the system’s unparalleled enterprise-wide view.

The available reports are:

  • Availability: Helps you right-size your battery fleet by providing daily minimum battery availability and usage information.
  • Utilization: Detailed charger utilization information signals uneven charger usage and identifies faulty equipment.
  • Mispick: Provides accountability by identifying the date and time of each mispick enabling prompt corrective action.
  • Cool Down: Shows how much cool down time your battery fleet is actually obtaining. Hot batteries shorten life and run time.
  • Charge Duration:  Shows how long your batteries actually take to charge.  Used to identify short charged batteries, which can mean poor performing batteries or batteries being changed too early. 
  • Battery Connect Voltage:  Shows battery voltage upon connection to charger.  Used to indicate battery health.
  • Battery Tracker Reports:  Provide individual forklift truck deadman hours and individual battery run times and maintenance history. 

Data from the user’s iBOS system controller is fed daily to Philadelphia Scientific’s secure server, where it is backed up and stored for five years. iBOSWorld subscriptions are available in one, three, and five year plans. 

iBOSWorld provides the information managers need to measure and continuously improve battery fleet performance and save money!

“iBOS prevented me from buying $72K worth of batteries because it showed that I had enough to run my facility.”
            – US Clothing Retailer Maintenance Manager



iBOSworld Tutorial 1 - Overview
iBOSworld Tutorial 2 - Availability Report
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