Water Deionizers

The most cost effective source of pure water.


Battery maintenance is an important yet often overlooked task in the battery room as proper maintenance and care can lengthen the life span of your forklift trucks and their batteries. The minerals found in hard water are extremely harmful to industrial batteries and are a leading cause of poor battery performance. This is because they affect cell voltages and increase self-discharge resulting in a shortened battery run time and reduced battery life.

Water Deionizers

Our water deionizers are the lowest cost source of pure battery water as they reduce the high price of buying bottled water, distilling water, or using reverse osmosis. They come with everything you need to make your pure water right from your tap, which results in extended battery life and truck run time.

Pure and Simple

Our water deionizers help you to maximise battery performance with pure water and can be used with our battery watering guns. They purify about 600 gallons (2,400 litres) of water from your tap, and when the cartridge needs to be replaced, it can be done so with ease. The system’s purity light tells you exactly when the cartridge is used up, and our deionizer is pressurised.

Water Deionizer Products

Generate pure water for your industrial batteries on site and where you need it most.

HydroPure™ Deionizer System

Make your own pure battery water on site.

Mobile Dual Deionizer Cart

The Mobile Deionizer System is designed to bring pure, battery-ready water right to where you need it.

HydroPure™ Deionizer Cartridge

High capacity, replacement Deionizer cartridge.