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HydroPure™ Deionizer Cartridge

Replacement Cartridge

HydroPure™ Deionizer Cartridge

This cartridge has a large capacity and is easy and fast to replace!

The amount of purified water produced by our cartridge will average about 600 gallons, but this will vary with the quality of the incoming tap water — from as much as 1,500 gallons to as little as 250. Water quality varies by geographic location and by season of the year, which means there is not one standard that can be used for all areas. Using a HydroPure Deionizer System takes the cost and guess work out of providing pure water for your batteries. It also protects the investment you have made in purchasing your batteries. The use of impure water in your batteries shortens battery life and battery run times, which only wastes money!


How does it work?

Tap water is passed through the cartridge, which contains beds of cationic and anionic resins that electrostatically remove impurities. The result is very pure water. When the cartridge becomes exhausted it is simply replaced with a fresh one.

Purity Chart

The following chart can be used to determine how many gallons of pure battery water can be obtained from one cartridge based on the purity of the incoming tap water.

Purity of Tap Water Total Dissolved Solids Cartridge Capacity
  PPM Grains uS/cm U.S. Gallons Liters
Good 50 3 28 1440 5,451
75 4 42 960 3,634

100 6 56 720 2,725
120 7 67 600 2,271
150 9 84 480 1,817

200 12 112 360 1,363
250 15 140 288 1,090
300 18 168 240 908

* TDS means Total Dissolved Solids in the water
** Parts per million is equal to mg/liter of water

Input/Operating Pressure: <80psi (<5.52 bar)

System Exposure Temperature: 35° to 160°F (2° to 71°C)

Weight: 11 lb (4.98 kg)

Product Height: 27 in (68.60 cm)

Product Length: 4.5 in (11.43 cm)

Product Width: 4.5 in (11.43 cm)

Capacity: 600 gallons (2,271 l) based on incoming water quality




HydroPure™ Deionizer Cartridge
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Calculate your HydroPure Deionizer Cartridge output (in gallons)

Using the water from the sample source, each HydroPure Deionizer cartridge will produce: