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Microcat - CTL-071


Microcats from Philadelphia Scientific are specially designed catalystic assemblies for industrial VRLA batteries. The catalyst materials in Microcats correct the fundamental deficiency of long-life VRLA battery designs and provide critical improvements in performance and service life. The unique Microcat® design works by consuming free oxygen in the headspace of the cell.

• For all standby power applications

• Easy installation within the battery container

• Capable of neutralizing hydrogen sulfide, stibine, arsine and amines

• Helps prevent thermal runaway

• Reduces cell dry out and gassing



Longer Life - A cell installed with a catalyst will last up to 40% longer.

Improved Cell - A Microcat can lead to significant capacity increases.

Reduced Float Current - A Microcat provides an immediate and observable drop in the float current leading to a reduction in water loss, positive plate corrosion, cell temperature and energy usage and costs.

Increased Profitability - Money which would have been spent on replacing or repairing batteries can be invested more profitably elsewhere.

Recombination rating - 17.1 +/- 5.7 cc/min H2 and O2.

Maximum internal temperature - 93°C.

Body material - Non-hygroscopic, high-impact, high-temperature polymer.

Maximum external temperature - 260°C

Typical positive polarization shift - +30mV

Typical negative polarization shift - -30mV


  • Diameter - 14.73 mm
  • Height - 18.21mm