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Aqua Filling System™

The universal battery FILLING system!

The AFS - Aqua Filling System is the best battery watering system on the market for small to medium-sized applications. It makes battery watering safe, easy and affordable. It incorporates many unique features that make it the best in its class, as well a being the easiest battery filling system to install, using a minimal number of inventory items. It fills an industrial forklift truck battery in one-tenth the time of hand watering, which means that these systems typically pay for themselves in under a year. The system also improves safety as it prevents exposure to electrolytes while filling.  

How the AFS Works

The AFS battery filling system is a float-based system. This means that the flow of water into the battery is controlled by a buoyant float mechanism, which rides on top of the electrolyte. As the battery is being filled, water flows into each cell through individual AFS valves. As the electrolyte level rises, the float rises with it and shuts off the valve when the correct electrolyte level is reached. While the force generated by this process is small, it is enough to shut off the valve in most conventional applications. The shut-off mechanism has been designed to shut off precisely under a wide range of operating pressures, which means that it will work with almost all facility water sources. Our adjustable float height setting design is the key to our exclusive universal product design. With the AFS battery filling system, you don't need to worry about having many float sizes in stock for your battery.

Features & Benefits

  • One float fits all: Multiple float valves are not required! Just a single, adjustable, valve for all industry standard fill heights.
  • Fast installation: Collars are not required, just push the tubing onto the barbs, it's fast, easy and secure.
  • Watch the action: Totally transparent, so the operator has the confidence of watching the cell being filled.
  • Lowest profile: At only 0.6 inches (15mm) tall, it is the lowest profile float valve watering system on the market.
  • Wide operating pressure range: It operates with a pressure range of 3 to 43.5 psi (0.2 – 3.0 BAR).
  • Snap-fit base: Just snap the float valve into the vent well. Bayonet, GS and DIN vents are all catered for. The valve can rotate for easy tubing alignment.
  • Universal Fitting: The AFS fits standard battery filling system outputs and tubing.
  • Easy Access for the Hydrometer: No need to remove valve tops, feed the Hydrometer directly into the port.  
  • Highly visible fill level indicator: The indicator is visible from the top and side.

We have a range of water supplies suitable for the AFS to ensure an ideal fit for any application. Our HydroFill Pro watering cart even features an integrated HydroPure Deionizer Cartridge, generating pure water that should be used with any battery filling system.

A valve, adapter, tubing and connection is all that's required to fit any forklift battery type on the market. This simple design makes the AFS the number one choice for a battery filling system to keep your batteries battery watered.