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7Clean Concentrate

7Clean Neutralizer and Degreaser Concentrate for batteries.

When cleaning industrial batteries, a neutraliser is required to remove the acidity, this is to protect operators when handling the batteries and to reduce current loss thereby increasing battery runtime. The neutraliser enables cleaning liquids and materials used can be disposed of in normal waste. A commercial-grade degreaser also needs to be used to remove the oil, tar and dirt that accumulates on the top of the battery. 

7Clean is made specifically for cleaning all types of batteries including forklifts, buggies, scrubbers, access equipment and marine. It combines a high-grade degreaser with a colour changing neutraliser so that it can neutralize and decrease even the toughest deposits on batteries and their ancillary equipment, and will even indicate the presence of the acid with its pH colour indicators.

Dilute the concentrate as needed or apply neat to the tough deposits - 7Clean is the most cost-effective way of cleaning your batteries quickly safely.

  • Formulated especially for use with all types of lead acid batteries.
  • Neutralises, degreases and cleans to extend battery life.
  • Protects assets and optimise performance.
  • Biodegradable and non-hazardous.
  • Safe to dispose of in normal waste.
  • Colour changing.
  • Safe on metal, plastic and rubber.
  • Available in 5litres (ACC-7C-5) and 4x5litres (ACC-7C-20).