The Blinky Range Has Revolutionized The Checking Of Electrolyte

BOLTON, England, November 11, 2019: Knowing when to fill lead-acid batteries with water can be a big issue when it comes to battery maintenance. Without indication, operators often need to devise watering schedules or carry out periodic inspections to maintain the batteries.

The Blinky range, by Philadelphia Scientific, is vital in stopping unnecessary watering of batteries, as well as preventing battery dry out. Excessive watering can result in dilution of the electrolyte and acid spills, which can reduce battery performance and life. Alternatively, if there is not enough water in a battery, then cells can dry out and sulfate, leading to a greatly reduced capacity or even premature failure. The Blinky range provides the indication that is needed in order to make sure electrolyte is at just the right level.

There are four products within the Blinky range: the BasicBlinky, the SmartBlinky, the SmartBlinky Remote, and the SmartBlinky PRO. The BasicBlinky is the entry electrolyte indicator. It is simple but effective, with an LED that blinks green when the electrolyte is OK and goes out when the level is low.

Our mid-range electrolyte indicator, the SmartBlinky, features an additional red LED light that indicates when the battery needs watering. It also has a reliable SmartDELAY feature, which waits until the water level is low for 24 hours until the LED turns red. This eliminates false indication, making sure you don’t waste time filling batteries unnecessarily, while also preventing boil-over.

The SmartBlinky Remote features red and green LED’s, as well as SmartDELAY. What makes it different from the SmartBlinky and BasicBlinky is the fact that it is ideal for batteries that do not leave the truck or for batteries that are charged on multi-level racks. This is because the LED can be edge-mounted for high visibility.

With an added audible alarm, the SmartBlinky PRO is the gold standard for electrolyte indicators. It features a SmartBEEP audible alarm, which will help you identify that a battery needs water even if you can’t see it. For example, if the battery is concealed, you will still know it needs water, and management will be alerted if maintenance is not being carried out. Not only that, the frequency of the beep indicates how many days the electrolyte has been low.

The Blinky range has revolutionized the checking of electrolyte in lead-acid batteries and has had an excellent reputation for over 25 years. The industry’s leading line of electrolyte indicators helps ensure electrolyte is never too low or too high, saving you time and money. If you would like to look at the data within a battery, as well as having an easy to understand battery monitor, then have a look at our eGO! range.

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