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The most affordable way to eliminate manual handling of batteries.

EZ puller cart

Smaller operations will still need spare batteries if they are running two or three shifts. Removing batteries manually can be dangerous as well as time-consuming. Many health and safety policies now require that equipment is provided to assist in handling heavy items. Manually changing large amounts of batteries is an inefficient use of labour, not to mention exhausting.

The EZPuller is a portable battery transfer cart that can be mounted onto any powered pallet truck with suitable forks. By mechanically removing and replacing batteries from a forklift truck, it is the inexpensive alternative to powered transfer carts. The unit is ideal for facilities that require only a few battery changes each day. The EZPuller can be ordered with convenient fork pockets for use on multiple trucks. Whilst being low cost, the 4-1 hand crank easily removes or replaces lift truck batteries. The safety latch located in front of the battery carriage is used to lock the battery in place while it is being transported, whilst the large hook chain through the battery lifting hole ensures the battery can be securely and safely manoeuvred. Durable powder coat paint ensures long life. When changing a small-sized fleet of batteries in a charging room, the EZPuller is the answer. It is the safest and most cost-effective way to change industrial batteries. The EZPuller is a safe, low-cost solution to handling problems associated with battery changing.

  • Rugged Design - Designed to withstand the toughest battery change operations for a long, trouble-free, operating life the EZPuller has:
    • Heavy gauge steel frame construction
    • Acid-resistant powder coat finish
    • Heavy-duty rollers
    • Steel mechanical battery latch 
    • Tensile steel chain
  • Safety First - The EZPuller is considerably safer than manual handling and has a full complement of safety features to ensure the risk in battery changing is minimised:
    • Hydraulic powered push/pull mechanism
    • Positive battery safety stop latch
    • Safety hook
    • Simple to operate 
    • Crank handle with 4:1 mechanical advantage and locking feature.
  • Zero Manual Handling - Any manual handling of the battery is eradicated and with it the safety and time problems associated with changing shift batteries.

Specifications Max. Battery Weight 1361KG Max.

Battery Dimensions 1041mm x 610mm or 1245mm x 610mm

Carriage Width 622mm

Chain Reach 330mm

Chain Height 584mm

Carriage Roller Dimensions 64mm

Optional Fork Pocket Size 241mm x 95mm on 343mm centre line

Roller Width 597mm

Roller Height w/o Fork Pockets 76mm

EZ puller cart