Still recording battery changes by hand? There is a better way.

Still recording battery changes by hand? There is a better way.

Philadelphia Scientific's Battery Tracker records battery run times and lift truck deadman hours more quickly and accurately than hand-writing - and for less money than truck-based tracking systems.

Knowing the run-time hours of individual batteries is the key to managing the maintenance and performance-based replacement of the battery fleet. Unfortunately, many battery room personnel still record run-time hours by hand. Due to the laborious, error-prone nature of recording and transcribing this information, the gathered data often is not even utilized. 

Philadelphia Scientific's Battery Tracker, an added feature to the iBOS® battery room management system, is a cost-effective solution to reporting this important battery and lift truck data. Battery Tracker's handheld scanner enables the tracking of individual battery run times and individual lift truck deadman hours by scanning barcodes on each battery and each truck and typing the truck deadman hours directly into the scanner for efficient and accurate data acquisition. This data is then fed into the iBOS system and is reported through the iBOS® World Web Service

When combined with iBOS' ability to properly rotate batteries and reduce change times, Battery Tracker provides for increased visibility into battery and lift truck utilization. This additional information helps battery room personnel to easily identify weak or unused batteries and better manage the maintenance (washing and watering) and replacement of individual batteries based on the performance data, not just their age. Battery Tracker saves significant time vs. hand-writing battery and lift truck data and costs far less than truck-based tracking systems. 

For warehouses and DCs that lease their lift trucks, Battery Tracker is an essential tool for identifying and tracking deadman hours. And, for many operations, preventive maintenance is performed based upon deadman hours. With Battery Tracker's barcode scanner, managers can take a systematic approach to battery room management that puts actionable information right on their computer screen or smart phone. 

To learn more about how Battery Tracker can save your warehouse or DC time and money, contact your Philadelphia Scientific regional sales manager - or call us at 215.616.0390.