Getting back to Basics

A basicblinky battery electrolyte system on batteries showing green light

BOLTON, England, November 15, 2019: All lead-acid batteries need water. During the chemical reaction between the electrolyte solution and the charged plates which generates the power, water is lost and needs to be replenished to stop the batteries from drying out. This process occurs naturally during charge and discharge cycles and filling them up should be part of routine battery maintenance checks. Watering the batteries should always be done after a charge cycle. This is because while charging, the electrolyte level rises. If water is added prior to the charging cycle it could mean that the level will rise above and beyond safe levels resulting in boil-over and spills which are both dangerous and costly to clean up.

How can you tell when a battery needs water? Well, there are only really two ways. You can go around and manually check each battery’s electrolyte level. This means having to open the vent caps which is both time consuming, inefficient to do regularly and not very safe for maintenance engineers. As this manual task is pretty arduous, it’s often overlooked leading to the batteries drying out, cells that need to be replaced and even premature battery failure.

The second way is to use an electrolyte monitor and there’s no better place to start than with the BasicBlinky. As our entry-level electrolyte indicator, it’s a quick and easy way to tell if a battery needs water. With a simple on-off indication and a fast, easy install the BasicBlinky is a perfect low-cost indicator. Saving not only batteries drying out but the maintenance time by not having to manually check the battery electrolyte levels. With the benefits and savings that the BasicBlinky creates, it gives an ROI in just under two months. Couple this with a filling system such as the Water Injector that only takes 15 seconds to fill to the correct level, battery maintenance isn’t very time consuming and is much more cost-effective than more expensive Li-Ion batteries.

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