Improve service tracking accuracy with paperless record keeping


Battery maintenance is an essential and routine part of making sure that a battery room runs smoothly, however, keeping track of the service activities on your battery fleet using paper logs and handwritten notes isn't easy. With a collection paper of paper sheets and potentially illegible handwriting can lead to a poorly managed and inefficient battery room, with scheduled services happening whether you need them or not.

The iTAG Service-Tracking System uses barcode scanning technology to record battery maintenance activities quickly and accurately. It also records the tasks online, providing you with complete visibility across your entire battery fleet. You can:

  • Customize online tracking portal.
  • Co-ordinate multiple locations easily.
  • Scan via a mobile app.
  • The ability to scan and record maintenance tasks using a mobile phone helps to speed up maintenance services and gives complete online visibility. 

Our iTAG app works with our online battery data platform, www.batterymanagement.net, so every task tag you scan via the app is recorded and uploaded to the website. Consequently, there is no more manual tracking, no more lost paperwork, and no more missed tasks. It also hugely improves the efficiency of the engineers on site, allowing them to complete more maintenance jobs in one visit.

Having a complete online record of maintenance tasks allows you to schedule services only when they're needed, and lets you see exactly what has the engineer carried out when visiting a site.


The iTAG system includes robust, plastic barcode tags and an app for both Android and Apple. An iTAG is securely attached to each battery asset. When a battery is serviced, the technician scans the iTAG's barcode and selects the corresponding service activity from the app, indicating that the required service has been performed or repair is needed. After the service visit has been completed, the technician syncs the information to batterymanagement.net where it is stored and organized for viewing with any web browser. Subsequent service information is added and updated with each service call. Authorized personnel can then visit the online site to see an inventory and complete service history of their assets within all of their warehouses or DCs.

The iTAG ANDROID app is available to download HERE 

The iTAG iPHONE app is available to download in the support sections

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Saves time and money: The task of recording service activities is dramatically simplified. iTAG ensures proper maintenance for peak performance.

Asset photos: With iTAG, engineers can take pictures of any damage found and can create a task to repair the damage.

Simple to use: Attach an iTAG, download the app, sign in, and start recording maintenance. It is easy to see which assets have and haven't been maintained.

Schedules services: iTAG can be used to generate a schedule for service personnel to help them deliver proactive maintenance.

Provides assurance: The iTAG system assures the end user that their batteries are being serviced comprehensively.

Organized for easy viewing: Information is securely stored online to give a current snapshot view of asset maintenance status, location, date, time, and activity type.

86mm x 54mm PVC Card

Unique 12 Digit Serial Numbers

Lifetime Website Tracking license with each iTAG.

If I lose an iTAG can it be replaced?

I don’t know my password, how do I log into the app?
Open this link on your phone or pc: https://www.batterymanagement.net/password_reminder.php
Enter your user name (which is your email address) and batterymanagement.net will send them their password.

I can’t get the app to open (most often occurs after 1st installation):
On your phone you need to go to Settings-> General Settings-> Device Management and make Philadelphia Scientific a trusted developer

I can’t see a site on the App or on the web?
You need to contact the administrator for your area.  This is often the coordinator.

I can’t see a site or user that I just created?
Contact the tech support person for this organization for iTAG.  The user or site was probably not assigned to a region and/or district or the correct region/district.

I can’t see any of the new assets my coordinator created.
Synchronize the App on your phone.  The phone needs to be able to reach the internet in order to sync.