Are you still tracking the service activities on your battery fleet using paper logs and handwritten notes? Now, there’s a better way.

The iTAG™ Service-Tracking System uses barcode scanning technology to record battery maintenance activities quickly and accurately, bringing greater accountability to the service of your motive power fleet. iTAG™ saves money in your warehouse or DC by eliminating waste and increasing productivity. The iTAG™ system records tasks online to have complete visibility across your entire battery fleet using the mobile app. You can customize your online tracking portal and coordinate with multiple locations, all using your mobile phone. An iTAG™ is securely attached to each battery asset so that when each battery is serviced, the technician can scan the iTAG™ barcode on the mobile app, indicating that the required service has been performed or a repair is needed.

After the service visit has been completed, the technician uploads the information to our online portal, where it is stored and organized for viewing with any web browser. Subsequent service information is added and updated with each service call. Authorized personnel can then visit the online site to see an inventory and complete service history of their assets within all of their warehouses or DCs. With this information, it’s easy for service technicians and managers to determine which assets have been serviced and which have not. Appropriate service schedules can also be developed for specific assets within the facility.