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Automatically collect battery data and send it to the internet


It is well known that automatically transmitting data from battery monitors on a site can be costly and inefficient.  Often the only way that data can be downloaded is if a technician visits the site, or if computer servers are installed in the battery room, both of which can prove to be an expensive, unreliable and slow means of obtaining information.

In the absence of a cost-effective way of downloading and transmitting data from their batteries, businesses are unable to improve site procedures.  The result? Incorrect or excessive battery use that will lead to premature battery failure.

The CloudLink is a battery room data gateway and has been designed to automatically collect data from the eGO! battery monitor.  At the end of the charge the eGO! will automatically transmit data to the CloudLink.  For the eGO!mini simply insert the USB memory stick into the CloudLink.  This data is sent to www.iTAGWorld.com from the CloudLink when it is connected to the internet.  From iTAGWorld battery usage and life data can then be accessed from anywhere in the world.

It is available with both as wired (ethernet cable), or a wifi (wireless) data gateway.

Less expensive

  • Installing the CloudLink means no more site visits from an engineer.

Less complicated

  • No more need for a configured computer in the charger room.

More reliable 

  • More trustworthy data connection and transmission.

Easier online connection

  • Automatic internet configuration by DHCP.

Simple installation

  • Simply fix the ClouldLink out of the way and connect the power and internet cables.

I have turned my cloudlink on and the screen is blue with no information showing.
Please wait 30 - 60 seconds from plugging the cloudlink into the mains, if it is still not showing anything please contact your local Philadelphia Scientific distributor.

My cloudlink is not showing the correct time.
Please contact your local Philadelphia Scientific distributor and we can guide you through how to change this.

The cloudlink says that that my data packet was received but not uploaded, why?
This usually means that you have no internet connection, please check your connection. Once the connection has been established again the pending files will send when the next data packet is received.

There is no internet connection available where the cloudlink will be located, can I still use a cloudlink?
Yes, the cloudlink has a USB memory stick which will store all your data, this can be removed and connected to a laptop for you to manually upload to batterymanagement.net