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SmartBlinky™ Temperature Monitor

Let your batteries tell you when they are over temperature.

SmartBlinky™ Temperature Monitor

Using a lead acid battery when it is over temperature, damages the battery and reduces its lifespan.

For every 10 degrees over 40°C the battery cycle life halves. So if you have a battery with an average lifetime temperature of 50°C it will only deliver 750 cycles, not the 1,500 cycles it's supposed to.

Heat is generated during the charging phase of the battery cycle so, at the end of the charge, the battery is at its hottest. The amount of heat generated during charge depends on the charger and the type of battery so a fast charge system will generate significantly more heat in the battery than an air mix system. When the charge ends the battery should, in theory, be allowed to cool to below 40°C. How long it takes to cool depends on the temperature around the battery, so batteries cool quicker when sitting on a stand than in a forklift compartment. Traditionally it is recommended that batteries should be allowed to cool after charge for 8 hours working on the simple, 8-hour shift, 8-hour charge, 8 hours cool, working day. This takes no account of the temperature at the end of the charge or the temperature of the battery that surrounds it. In hot countries where the ambient temperature is very high, batteries can be constantly operating in a condition that is dramatically reducing their life. A battery charged by a fast charger on the forklift in a battery room without air conditioning in Malaysia will take far longer to go below 40°C then a battery charged by an HF charger in battery racks in an air-conditioned DC, if ever.

The SmartBlinky Temperature Monitor is an ideal solution to the problem of battery owners and users not being aware that their batteries are over temperature. When batteries have a SmartBlinky Temperature Monitor on the operator can immediately see if the battery is below 40°C, or near to 40°C, and if there is a better battery available take that one. If there are consistently no batteries available then options such as charging on stands, reducing the ambient temperature and introducing an iBOS should be considered. Installing the SmartBlinky Temperature Monitor is quick and simple, and understanding it is easier still. If the LED is a solid amber the battery is at risk of damage, if it starts flashing amber then you are losing operational life from the battery and it should be allowed to cool down below 40°C before using.

With potential huge ROI, the SmartBlinky Temperature Monitor will help to maximise the number of cycles you get out of your lead acid battery, and stop you having to replace them early.

  • Easy to use: With its bright amber LED the SmartBlinky Temperature Monitor is easy to use: A solid amber LED means alert and when it flashes it means the battery temperature is critical.
  • Simple installation: Connect two wires to power in-between 8.0v and 12.0v and place the probe between the cells. Reverse connection will not damage the SmartBlinky Temperature Monitor.
  • Improved battery life: Battery life halves for every 10°C over 40°C it operates at. Avoid using batteries over temperature and maximise their useful life.
  • Three connection types:Available with B = M10 steel ring for bolt intercell connectors, Q = FlexiTap self-piercing option and S = M4 self-tapping screw and steel ring.
  • Multiple Fuses: All SmartBlinky Temperature Monitors are equipped with a minimum of two fuses.
  • Fully classified: All SmartBlinky Temperature Monitors hold the CE Mark and C-Tick so you can be assured of their safety.
  • Engineered to be tough: The SmartBlinky Temperature Monitor is built to withstand the harsh environment of industrial battery applications. All materials are corrosion resistant and the low profile design protects against damage from battery cables and other hazards. The SmartBlinky Temperature Monitor has been designed to last the life of the battery.
  • Inexpensive and cost-effective: Over the lifetime of a battery, a SmartBlinky Temperature Monitor saves time and labour costs and delivers rapid ROI.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: The SmartBlinky Temperature Monitor is covered by a one-year conditional warranty and has an anticipated design life of greater than five years.
  • Fits all cells: Just adjust the packing and place the probe between the cells.
  • Rugged design: The tough, low profile SmartBlinky Temperature Monitor has a small footprint.
  • Interchangeable: Easily removed from one battery and fitted to another.
  • Immediate ROI: The SmartBlinky Temperature Monitor is a low cost solution that is quickly paid for through reduced labour costs and by preventing damage due to overtemperature.
  • Warranty: The SmartBlinky BTM comes with a one-year conditional warranty and has an anticipated design life of greater than five years.

Nominal Current



Orange heartbeat – OK


Solid orange – Alert

Flash orange - Critical

Reverse Polarity



(B) M10 steel ring

(S) M3 steel ring and screw

(Q) FlexiTap piercing

Flame Retardant

UL V-0


2 on board, plus 1 inline (B&S), 2 in FlexiTap (Q)


1 year

What do the LED indications mean?
Pulsing Orange – OK

Solid orange – Alert

Flashing orange – Critical

Is this reverse polarity protected?
Yes, this makes for a much easier install.

At what temperature does my battery start to be negatively affected?
We suggest keeping the battery below 40°C, for every 10°C over this the battery life cycle halves, the Smart Blinky Temperature monitor will alert you of these high temperatures.