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Battery Alerts

A lead acid or VRLA battery is the power source for the majority of industrial and commercial use vehicles around the world, but do you really know what's happening to this vital part of the machine?

Usually the first time you know there's a problem is when it's too late to fix. The battery has died, suffering from irreversible damage, leaving the machine stranded in the worst position. Our industry leading range of battery alerts, help you to protect the batteries that power your applications. Whether that's a traditional lead acid battery in a forklift truck or a VRLA battery in a floor scrubber, there is a product that will help to stop irreversible damage from happening.

Our battery alerts give both visual and audible alerts before damage occurs allowing you to quickly remedy the situation. From a major over-discharge event to an acid spill in the battery tray, our lead acid battery alerts indicate to everyone in the vicinity that action should be taken immediately. This helps to maximise the life of your batteries so you don't have to replace dead cells or batteries early.