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Battery Watering Carts

Our industry standard battery watering monitors have let you know that you need to fill your batteries, our range of watering carts help you do that.

One of the major and time consuming issues with filling your batteries up quickly and easily is an adequate water supply.
More often than not the water supply is not the easiest place to get to even on the other side of the warehouse to where your batteries are stored. This can't be easy to move and can be very expensive.

Our range of battery watering carts can help to make that labourious task a breeze to do. Our range of tanks a designed to be easily moved from your source of deionized water to your battery room. This allows you to efficiently fill up your entire fleet when you need to.

From tanks with a huge capacity like the Water Buffalo to our HydroFill Pro which has an integrated deionizer we have a tank to suit every need.