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Battery racking the way you want it.


The MOD.RACK system is an assembly of precision manufactured components made from laser cut high tensile steel with acid-resistant polyurethane powder coating.  The 8 system components are specially designed to be flat packed on a double euro-pallet for ease of shipping and are quickly assembled on-site with no welding.

Each battery requires 2 roller beams. The roller beams are positioned to exactly fit the batteries.  If something changes and the slots need to be a little bigger or a little smaller they can be simply re-positioned. As it’s a higher density system you can get up to 20% more batteries in the same space as compared with conventional racks resulting in smaller battery rooms.

Each roller beam also features a vertical divider which ensures the battery stays in its own space and keeps the battery room looking neat, the roller beams can even be colour matched to your requirements, reinforcing the brand image in the battery room.

Our unique pressed polymer battery stops reduce battery tray damage. The battery stops can be relocated to make sure the front face of the battery is always in the right place. Our in-house developed high impact roller wheels are made from an ultra-low surface energy polymer that is 100% acid-resistant, cannot dent, or rust.

When the mix of batteries changes on the site in the future, the entire system can be reconfigured to accommodate the new battery sizes by simply unbolting the roller beams and re-configuring.

The entire system can even be delivered within a 5 day lead time on most systems making MOD.RACK the quickest and most cost-efficient battery handling system available today.

 Finalist of the 2019 FLTA Awards - Innovation

MOD.RACK - Battery racking the way you want it

Our MOD.RACK system is infinitely flexible, allowing a battery room to grow and optimize as needs change. 

  • Roller beams can be custom coloured to your brand. 
  • 20% higher density that frees up valuable space. 
  • Quick and easy to re-configure

As the needs of the site change, MOD.RACK can easily be adapted to new requirements. 

MOD.RACK can be quickly and easily expanded, making it the most cost effective and highest density racking system available in the industry.

MOD.RACK is an award winning battery racking system. A set of components that can be bolted together on site to match the needs of a customer. 

  • Heavy duty, acid resistant perimeter frame.
  • Acid and rust resistant roller beams powder coated to your colour specifications.
  • Low energy, acid resistant polymer wheels.
  • Easily adjustable battery stops.
  • Single bolt construction.
  • Supports up to 1500kg batteries.

All of our components have been rigorously tested to make sure we’re using the best and most durable materials. 

Not only will this ensure the durability of the MOD.RACK system, when the time comes to reconfigure, it will look as if it’s a new installation.