What is the fastest lead acid battery watering system? 

water injector on a lead acid battery

Battery watering on a large scale in your distribution warehouse can be extremely time-consuming. You might employ a maintenance worker to come onsite or have an in-house battery maintenance worker to water your batteries. You will either be paying a hefty sum for someone to water your batteries regularly, or your staff member will be using up an entire day to water the battery fleet. This can eat into your budget or cause your maintenance worker to fall behind on other regular jobs they have in the warehouse. Battery watering using float-based systems or a manual watering gun can mean around eight hours every 4/6 weeks of battery watering, which is time-consuming, costly, and, if left managed by the maintenance worker, inconsistent at best. We have an answer to this ongoing problem which will save you money and time.  

What is the solution to slow and costly battery watering?

The solution to your battery watering issues is employing one of our Water Injector Systems in your warehouse. Imagine a whole battery fleet of 100 batteries being watered in just one hour rather than one full day. Imagine no more; this is a simple and easy to use solution for industrial battery watering. It either frees up your battery maintenance worker to do other jobs or saves you money employing someone to water your batteries for just an hour every month or so rather than eight hours, which can significantly affect your budget. Our Water Injectors have a low failure rate with even battery topping, and you will quickly see a return on your investment; that's a promise. 

This cost-effective and fast solution will need to be used in conjunction with our Hydrocart, which delivers high-pressure water to the Water Injectors. The more batteries you have in your warehouse, the more cost-effective the Water Injector and Hydrocart purchases will be. Water Injectors are your perfect solution to long battery watering times, effective staff time-management and budget concerns. 

Which water should I use?

The type of water you use is essential for your battery's health. It is vital to use deionized water as hard water contains minerals that damage industrial batteries and lead to poor battery performance. The most cost-effective way of ensuring water purity is by using water from your taps using deionization. Deionized water is created by running water over two beds of magnetically charged materials that remove the water's harmful minerals. Philadelphia Scientific's HydroPure Water Deionizer System™ reduces the high price of buying bottled water, distilling water or using reverse osmosis. Also, the system pays for itself through increased battery life and less frequent battery purchases. This is an excellent add on when investing in a Water Injector System in your battery room. 

Why not make it the perfect trio with a SmartBlinky?

In case you are not familiar with a SmartBlinky, let's discuss what exactly it does. The SmartBlinky is a battery watering monitor which sits on top of your batteries so you can easily see it, and it tells you when your batteries need watering. It also prevents the risk of overfill or boilover as its probe needs to be out of the electrolyte for 24 hours before the LED indicator turns from green to red, which means it requires watering. The 24 hours is the difference between boilover because it stops false indications and maximizes watering intervals, preventing unnecessary battery watering when a battery is still hot from charging. It is easy to visually see when your batteries require watering as the calm green LED turns into a blinking red to tell you the battery needs water, which is where your Water Injector comes in. Between getting your flashing red light and your fleet being thoroughly watered can be the difference of just an hour. 

Here are some of the many features and benefits of the Water Injectors:

Innovative design– This unique and patented Injector System makes it unlike anything currently on the market today. 

Incredibly fast battery watering– Battery cells can be watered in just 15 seconds. 

Safe to use– This method prevents direct contact with electrolytes when battery filling. 

Tough wearing– The Water Injectors can survive impacts, abuse, and even extreme battery temperatures. 

One size fits all design – Cells will all be filled to the correct level, and there is no guesswork when it comes to ordering. 

Depending on what you want and need, you can choose from either the Water Injector Classic System or the Water Injector Spider System. For more information about our Water Injectors, we welcome all enquiries at sales@phlsci.com or sales@phlsci.co.uk.