Using Data to Supercharge Your Battery Room's Performance

Battery Room

Not so long ago, managing a large fleet of batteries for the warehouse or distribution center was seen as a cost of doing business. Sure, there were ways to reduce the expense, like ensuring the batteries were watered with some regularity before they completely dried out. Philadelphia Scientific continued improving our watering systems to decrease the time (and labor) to perform this necessary task. But as we stated in our ProMat 2017 seminar, "You cannot fix what you are not measuring."

Battery room performance improved when we created iBOSWorld over a decade ago, which featured data-charged reports, providing managers the hard facts to run their battery rooms and save resources. iBOSWorld still features these reports, made even more robust and relevant for today's battery room challenges. Our clients could verify the savings and assure continued efficiencies into the future by using our iBOS systems, up to our newest iBOS Pro Controller.

We worked hard to find more ways to not only improve but supercharge your battery room's performance beyond following known maintenance routines and our earlier innovations. That fleet of batteries and chargers that service your fleet of forklift trucks has more value than just "the cost of doing business." They comprise a technology investment possessing much potential data, that can be analyzed and compared to reveal even more powerful ways to drastically cut costs on all fronts. Our hard work has paid off.

It's coming. Supercharged data is coming in the very new future from the new evolution of our iBOS systems. The effect of this supercharged data we have tapped into and analyzed thoroughly will be supercharged battery room performance.


To learn the secrets of supercharging your battery room performance, visit ProMat booth S1588. Better yet, email for the opportunity to test our newest innovation for yourself at our booth.