The eGO! range is the key to unlocking the data hidden away in your battery

The eGO! range is the key to unlocking the data hidden away in your battery

Philadelphia Scientific is on a quest to make all lead-acid batteries smarter, and the new range of eGO! products is an integral part of their success.

Batteries are one of the most overlooked assets in the warehouse. If they aren't monitored and maintained correctly, they can be expensive to repair or replace. It's even worse if they prematurely fail, potentially causing lengthy disruption to operations.

The eGO! range has been engineered to be both an easy to understand battery life monitor, clearly indicating when the battery needs maintenance and a gateway to unlocking the data stored within a battery. Mounted on top of the battery, the clear LED indicators show you exactly what maintenance procedures need to happen, all whilst seamlessly gathering key performance metrics.

Regardless of your application, any product in the eGO! range can make a lead-acid battery smart. Within the range, there is the eGO!Mini, the eGO!C and the innovative app, eGO!Tools. The slim, low profile eGO!Mini records each and every byte of data and stores it on its USB drive, which can be removed and uploaded. The eGO!C is perfect for larger fleet applications as it records every battery cycle and automatically uploads the information to The app eGO!Tools, which is available on Android, gives battery room technicians complete flexibility, allowing them to upload data, program an eGO!, create a site and view a site list.

Through identifying potential issues, the eGO! range can provide essential data that can help prevent expensive damage before it is caused. The data can be accessed on, a website that makes battery data easy to understand. At no extra cost, its graphs and summaries assist the operator in managing their batteries and show clear accountability for any battery abuse. Having this useful data presented in an easily accessible and understandable way allows users to make clear and informed decisions regarding changes in operation.

There are many reasons as to why the eGO! range is so successful, but its underlying success comes from the information it can give to its user. However you decide to access it, every single byte of data is available at your fingertips, helping to make batteries better.