The best single point watering system, now with a barbed fit

MONTGOMERYVILLE, PA, July 04, 2019: Philadelphia Scientific, the industry-leading international manufacturer of industrial battery components and accessories, have launched a new version of their patented Stealth Watering System. Stealth is a float-based, single-point watering system that precisely fills all battery cells to the same level simultaneously.

The new Stealth Barbed Watering System has the same standard body type as the push-fit but now comes with an easy to install barbed fitting. The newly designed fitting brings a wide range of benefits to the system. The barbed fitting now makes it quicker and easier to install as the industrial tubing simply slides over the clampless barbed fittings. Due to this new design, each Stealth Barbed valve is now universally compatible with every other system available on the market. This cross-compatibility makes the Stealth Barbed perfect as a direct replacement, and you’ll get all the benefits that come with any of the Philadelphia Scientific products; durability and dependability.

Watering batteries with the Stealth Barbed Watering System is safe, secure, and affordable. It fills an industrial battery in one-tenth of the time of hand watering, so on average, the systems pay for themselves in under a year. A typical 25 battery account will save $7,000 per year in labor (at $20 per hour) when using the Stealth Barbed Watering System instead of hand watering.

The continual progression of the options available in the battery room keeps lead-acid the most viable and cost-effective method of storing energy and Philadelphia Scientific keeps Making Batteries Better for all.