Philadelphia Scientific Welcomes New Hires!

Philadelphia Scientific Welcomes New Hires!

Here at Philadelphia Scientific, our company is growing. Our breadth of products allows the ability for us to create the complete solution for our customers. Whether it has to do with efficiently watering and/or managing your battery fleet, we have the product for you. In fact, Philly Sci has been reporting positive growth for the past couple of years! We are excited they chose to start or continue their careers at Philadelphia Scientific.

Since our growth is coming at such a fast pace, we have decided to strengthen our team. Each of them will be joining our team in different departments across the company. They each come with prior career experiences, exceptional educational background, and the readiness to get their feet wet! Since January, all of them have started throughout 2018 thus far. We are just as excited as they are to join our team; check out each of our newest hires below and a little bit about themselves:

We are thrilled to see what our new hires are able to add to our team and we can’t wait to be a part of it. We asked the new hires what it’s like working here and they had this to say:

“This place is a playground for engineers” – Mike Shanahan

“Best working environment I have been in, seriously” – Maurice Warren

“I am happy to be here and am excited to learn from my coworkers!” – Siu-yee Ching

 Fortunately for us, this is only the beginning for Philadelphia Scientific as we will continually be looking to expand our team in the future.


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For more information on our new hires and/or our leading industrial battery components and maintenance tools, visit the Philadelphia Scientific website at, call at +1 215-616-0390 or email at


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