What is the one battery room tool you need to right-size your battery fleet?

What is the one battery room tool you need to right-size your battery fleet?

Most warehouse and DC battery fleets have too many batteries. You probably do, too - and that means you're wasting money on expensive, unused assets.

And, you're not doing yourself any favors if you have too few batteries - because that means battery assets are being over-utilized, reducing battery run time and life.

The best way to solve these two common problems is to stop guessing how many batteries to purchase. Instead, measure your battery room's performance and know how many batteries you need.

The simplest, most cost-effective way to manage your battery room is with iBOSWorld™ Web Service. Used in conjunction with the iBOS® battery room management system, it provides feedback on your battery room's operation. This battery room data is critical information you need to right-size your battery room, enabling you to effectively operate with a two-batteries-to-one-forklift-truck ratio.

How it Works

The iBOS system knows when your chargers finish charging your batteries, and a simple screen or pick light automatically tells the operator exactly which charger to get their next battery from. An iBOS system provides the following benefits:

  • Fully charged and properly cooled down batteries.
  • Faster battery changes: Save 2 to 5 minutes per change.
  • Fewer battery changes: 30 minutes longer battery run time, resulting in 10-20% fewer changes.
  • Longer battery life: 6 months additional life due to proper battery cool down.
  • More accurate battery purchases: Never have too many batteries or too few.

When iBOSWorld Web Service is combined with the iBOS battery room management system, you gain greater battery room visibility and increase operator accountability. Easy-to-understand, Web-based reports guide battery and charger buying decisions by giving you only the information you need to manage battery and charger usage and availability. You can even track lift truck deadman hours and individual battery run times and maintenance history. And, iBOSWorld Web Service provides these benefits for a single facility or for all your warehouses or DCs.

Introducing iBOSWorld 2.0
Now, Philadelphia Scientific has introduced iBOSWorld 2.0, enhancements to iBOSWorld Web Service. The new features make it easier for you to identify conditions in the battery room that require intervention, enabling you to maximize your battery investment.

The enhancements to the Web Service include:

  • Readability: Site has been upgraded with easier to read fonts and graphs.
  • Site Navigation: Enables users to more easily select and view reports in the date range of interest -- days, weeks or months.
  • Global Export: Enables users to more efficiently export data for a single facility or for multiple warehouses or DCs.
  • False Pick Detection: Indicates when an operator has attempted to override the system's battery rotation direction, which decreases battery performance.
  • Mispick Graphs: Graphs can now be viewed by the individual pool of batteries or all pools combined in one graph to analyze operator compliance system-wide.

To learn more about iBOSWorld Web Service or the other members of the iBOS battery room management system family, contact your Philadelphia Scientific regional sales manager - or call us at 215.616.0390.