The iBOS Charger-Splitter halves the chargers and the cost!

The iBOS Charger-Splitter halves the chargers and the cost!

MONTGOMERYVILLE, PA, January 31, 2020: One of the most significant investments in a battery room is the cost of the chargers. They’re an essential piece of equipment, but are vastly underutilized, with an average usage of just 22%. The industry blindly accepts this percentage; nobody has found a surefire way to improve charger utilization, until now.

The iBOS Charger-Splitter makes it possible to maximize charger capacity while halving the number of chargers you need and halving the cost.

Using Charger-Splitters allows sequencing one charger for two batteries manually, put simply, you can charge two batteries with one charger. It works by a bright white light LED on the iBOS Sentinal indicating to operators that they need to unplug the charger from one battery and switch it onto the other.

As the Charger-Splitter is a module available with an iBOS System, meaning that not only do you get this easy to use charger sequencer, you also get the added benefits that come along with our iBOS battery management system. Our iBOS systems are the industry standard intelligent battery organizing systems, the Charger-Splitter works alongside it, providing an additional method of significantly improving your battery room ROI.

Easy to understand alerts are displayed on both the unit and on a remote operations display, so battery room operators and managers know exactly when a charger needs splitting. With a data ready iBOS, you can access specific Charger-Splitter reports on the innovative website. The reports track battery room performance recording various metrics that can be used to help improve behaviors and maximize battery room potential.

Today, there are iBOS Charger-Splitter installed on 26 sites, both nationally and internationally. Philadelphia Scientific has saved users about $1,800,000 in buying new chargers. The potential savings are significant, and for sites with 20 chargers or more, it will more than pay for the entire iBOS system with money left over giving you both the benefit of maximize charger utilization and having an industry-standard battery management system to improve battery life and performance further.

Whether on a greenfield site, a site at maximum electrical infrastructure capacity, or on full renovation and reconfiguration of a battery room, the iBOS Charger-Splitter will halve the number of chargers you need and make your charger fleet more productive.

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