FLTA Awards - Finalists

FLTA Awards - Finalists

A few months ago one of our peers in the industry suggested that one of our products would be perfect for an innovation award from the Forklift Truck Association. 


The idea for the product came from a conversation with one of our customers. We took that spark of an idea and turned that spark into a product that would directly help our customer. Electrolyte overflow is a problem faced many businesses in our industry and, from what we can tell, is often an issue handled reactively rather than proactively. We are industry experts in battery technology; we develop innovative strategies to help our customers drive efficiencies and are creative pioneers thanks to our continued investment in R&D.  We have the experience to tackle pressing issues and provide cost-effective solutions where others have failed.


This is how the SmartBlinky™ Tray Monitor was born. With the SmartBlinky Tray Monitor, detecting spillage in the battery tray has never been easier, it senses electrolyte spills and alerts you before any damage to the battery tray occurs, perfectly solving the problem our customer approached us with in the first place.


The SmartBlinky Tray Monitor has now been recognised both within the industry and by the industry.


Stay tuned to see how we get on at the finals in February!