A Step Change with Battery Manager at Promat 2023

A Step Change with Battery Manager at Promat 2023

ProMat delivers step change in perceptions of Philadelphia Scientific as the latest iBOS Battery Management System proves one of the stars of the show

Philadelphia Scientific, the world's leading battery room data expert, is revolutionizing battery room and fleet performance with the latest evolution of its innovative iBOS system, Battery Manager.

The system proved a major draw at this year’s ProMat exhibition in Chicago, where visitors were amongst the first to witness the new module in action as Philadelphia Scientific completed a series of personalized demonstrations.

The show was a huge success for the company, both in terms of the number of people attending its stand and in the raised profile it delivered for Philadelphia Scientific. The strong design of the company’s booth reinforced its presence at the show but it was the live demonstrations that that added a step change in the company’s image, as public perceptions of Philadelphia Scientific shifted from a supplier of watering widgets to a battery room technology company at the forefront of technological capability.

The iBOS Battery Manager module is designed to maximize battery fleet performance by minimizing or eliminating the need to change batteries during working shifts and proactively servicing the batteries that need repair. This helps protect warranties and records all maintenance activity.

Battery Manager takes the guesswork out of managing a battery room, helping large fleet users save time and money. The system interprets data quickly and easily to create a lean and efficient battery room, helping to maximize battery runtime and minimize costly fleet battery changes, thereby making fleet operations more productive.

ProMat visitors taking advantage of the personalized demonstrations were treated not just to swag bags, but credible and useful information on the new technology which they were able to take back to their companies. The personal touch worked very well and coupled with the traffic Philadelphia Scientific saw to its booth, the show proved a highly successful outing for the company.

Brian Crummy, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, said: “We had a very successful outing at Promat 2023. It was great to see so many familiar faces as well as new ones and everyone was very complimentary of the new and innovative technology we were able to demonstrate, rather than the same old products that some in our industry turn out year on year. We believe that optimizing battery performance, runtimes and productivity through the use of data is the future of battery room management.

“The entire strategy for Promat2023 was very well planned, very well executed and very well received. The booth and the team at Promat 2023 really solidified the direction Philadelphia Scientific is travelling in and has help to position as the leading provider of battery room data. Overall it was a fantastic show and I’m proud of what the team has achieved.”        

The company has been kept busy since ProMat, following up on the large number of leads generated at the show and is converting these leads into new sales.

Battery Manager ensures forklift operators are always using the batteries that give them the longest runtime and therefore making them more productive by keeping them on the DC floor and out of the battery room!

By reducing the need for in-shift battery changing by identifying poor performing batteries ahead of time, Battery Manager ensures fleet efficiency is maintained over longer periods of time.

For more details on Battery Manager, and all Philadelphia Scientific’s products, visit www.phlsci.com