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Generating pure water on the go!

More often than not, a water supply isn’t in an easy to reach position, which is an expensive or impractical problem to solve, meaning that operators have to go out of their way to water the batteries. The HydroFill Pro solves that.

LogiMat 2019

On the 19th February 2019, intralogistics industry leaders, consumers and innovators converged in Stuttgart, Germany to showcase the latest equipment and systems at LogiMat, the biggest annual intralogistics exhibition in Europe.

The Internet of Things

Everything is smart these days; smartphones, smart cars and smart appliances, and these devices are becoming commonplace. Just look around your own home! They’re examples of smart technologies and come under the term ‘the Internet of Things’.

The Importance of Pure Water

All lead-acid batteries consist of flat lead plates immersed in a pool of electrolyte. We need to top up the battery regularly as some of this water is lost during the recharge cycle. Keeping the battery topped up will ensure that the plates are not irreparably damaged in the water level dips below the top of the plate. The second step and most important part of this maintenance process is using the correct water.

Watch the Philadelphia Scientific Seminar Now that was presented at PROMAT 2017 "Transforming the Battery Room with Lean Six Sigma Processes and Tools"

What You Will Learn: This seminar shows the application of Lean Six Sigma tools in the battery room. Once applied, the results are transformational and will result in a significant elimination of waste ($). It will review the six types of waste commonly found in the battery room. It will show how a change to a “just-in-time” maintenance plan can eliminate waste. View it on-line Here:

Improve your productivity and profits

“We have seen battery rooms reduce their battery fleet by 30% when they use the data from the systems that proves they are not running out of batteries,” Vanasse says. “It’s no longer guesswork, which usually errs on the side of having too many batteries.”

What is the one battery room tool you need to right-size your battery fleet?

You know you need performance data to properly manage your battery room. As the saying goes, "If you're not measuring it, you're not managing it." But, what information do you need — and how do you obtain it? iBOSWorld™ Web Service solves this problem by giving you the battery room performance information you need right at your fingertips. And, with iBOSWorld™ 2.0, you get more helpful information that is easy to understand and easy to use.

Philadelphia Scientific Introduces New, Improved Line of Blinky™ Battery Watering Monitors

New LEDs are 2 to 8 times brighter than the previous models; installation “forgiveness zone” reduces the potential for damaging monitors during installation. MONTGOMERYVILLE, Pa. – November 9, 2015 – Philadelphia Scientific, The Lean Battery Room Experts™, has introduced its new, improved line of Blinky™ battery watering monitors. The monitors all have brighter LED lights – two to eight times brighter than the previous models - making them more visible to forklift operators and battery room personnel. The monitors are more robust, too, and feature an installation “forgiveness zone,” which reduces the potential for damaging the monitors due to improper installation.


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