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Water Injector Systems™

 The world's fastest battery watering system!

The Water Injector System™ is the world’s fastest and most reliable way to add water to industrial batteries. Filling a battery takes just 15 seconds, which means that you can fill 8 batteries in the time that it takes to fill 1 battery with other systems! There are two versions of the system available to meet your needs: the Water Injector Classic System™ and the Water Injector Spider System™. Both systems feature legendary reliability and speed of fill but differ in the way that the water is delivered to each Injector valve and the way they fit on top of the battery.  

The system saves money in two ways. First, it cuts labor costs, often paying for itself within its first year of operation. Second, it extends the life of each expensive battery onto which it is installed due to improved quality of watering.

The system also improves safety and environmental cleanliness. There is no need to peer into cells to inspect levels as with manual filling. And water Injectors automatically fill each cell to the correct level, so there is no overfilling and no electrolyte spillage during charging.  Did you know that each time a battery boils over it loses 3% of its capacity?   That equates to 15 minutes of run time for each and every boil over!  And the only way to recover the capacity is to perform an expensive acid equalization process, which typically costs more than the Water Injector System.

Because of its robustness and reliability the Water Injector System is the preferred system for all Opportunity and Fast/Rapid charge applications.

Features and benefits

  • Unique Design:  Our unique patented valve that is the heart of the system and is unlike any other on the market.  It generates 20 times the shut-off force of a float based battery filling system. More power means less problems!
  • Very Fast Operation: All cells in an average industrial truck battery can be filled, with precise level control, in 15 seconds!
  • Safe:  Prevents direct contact with electrolyte while filling.  
  • Compact: A low profile minimizes interference with battery cables.
  • Rugged: Tough enough to survive impacts, abuse and extremes of battery temperatures. There are no exposed parts to break off even when an Injector is removed from a cell.
  • One Size Fits All Design:  All cells filled to the appropriate level.  No guesswork involved about what to order.
  • No-Freeze Tubing:  Surplus water drains from the tubing into cells after filling is complete. This makes the system perfect for use in cold storage facilities and other freezing environments.
  • Convenience Filling Allowed:  The system has the unique ability to be used to fill a battery regardless of state of charge. In conventional charging applications, it is precise enough to allow filling before or after charge.  For rapid or opportunity charge applications, watering should only be done after the weekly equalization charge.  
  • Exclusive Reconditioning Service: Water Injectors are so tough they can be reconditioned regardless of their age. Reconditioned Injectors are cleaned, inspected and installed on brand new tubing for reuse. This is environmentally conscious and means even more savings for our customers.
  • 5 Year Warranty: Philadelphia Scientific warrants the Water Injector System against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of sale.

How Water Injectors Work

Inside each Water Injector is a precision level-sensing valve enclosed in a strong protective housing. When the electrolyte level rises to reach the tip of the Injector, the valve shuts off instantly. There are no exposed parts to stick or break, and individual Injectors are strong enough to survive the abuse of tough applications for many years of use.

There are no floats of any kind involved because this is not a hydrostatic system. It is a hydrodynamic system powered by the incoming pressurized water. One great benefit of this approach is that the actuating (shutoff) force of an Injector is typically 20 times stronger than the buoyancy available with a float. This makes Injectors virtually immune to “sticking” due to gummy residues in the cells. It is what gives them their legendary reliability.

The other enormous benefit of pressurized water is that it produces fast filling – which translates into productivity gains and cost savings. A short, 15 second, fill cycle saves money and raises operator confidence because he or she can be present and attentive during the entire filling operation.  Just-In-Time battery watering can also be accomplished due the speed of the system.   Batteries, that need water, can be watered as they are removed from the rack and before they are put into the truck; eliminating waste and saving money.  That is not possible with systems that take minutes to fill.

To achieve their superior speed and reliability, the Water Injector System must be supplied with adequate water pressure. However, this is not a difficult requirement to meet especially when using one of our convenient water supplies. 

There are two versions of the Water Injector System available:

  • The Water Injector Classic System™ - which offers fast installation.
  • The Water Injector Spider System™ - which offers great flexibility and a very low profile.

 US & International Patents Apply


This system adds increased flexibility and enhanced installation options. It is designed to fit batteries where traditional single point watering systems are hard to fit.

For over two decades, this system has been the world’s fastest and most reliable way to add water to industrial batteries.

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