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If you change batteries in your forklift truck, you need iBOS!

  • Get more performance from your batteries.
  • Reduce labor costs.
  • Don't use more batteries and chargers than you need.
  • Make your batteries last longer.

Cost effective battery room management made simple

Changing batteries on an electric forklift truck can be a confusing, time consuming process that, when done incorrectly, leads to drastically shortened battery run times and battery life. The bigger the battery room the more confusing it becomes and the more expensive the problems become. Almost all non-managed battery rooms have more batteries than they need, do not use their batteries correctly, and managers typically guess at the correct number of batteries to purchase. This all leads to wasted money, time and effort.

An iBOS system eliminates the guesswork and the worry involved with managing your battery room and saves you money while it does it. It enables a Lean approach to managing your battery room.  iBOS is the most widely used battery management system and it allows distribution centers and warehouses to effectively operate with a two batteries to one forklift truck ratio.  

How it Works

The system knows when the chargers finish charging and a simple screen or pick light automatically tells the operator exactly which charger to get their next battery from.   It is like a navigation system for your battery room!      

An iBOS system will bring you the following benefits:           

  • Simplified and directed battery selection: This will make sure that all batteries are fully charged and properly cooled down. Operator judgment is eliminated.
  • Faster battery changes: Save 2 to 5 minutes per change.
  • Fewer battery changes: 30 minutes longer battery run time resulting in 10 to 20% fewer battery changes.
  • Longer battery life: 6 months additional life due to longer battery cool down. This leads to fewer battery purchases each year.
  • More accurate battery purchases: Right-size your battery fleet with information that saves tens of thousands of dollars per year.
    • Too many batteries: Wastes capital. This is a very typical situation in most non-managed battery rooms.
    • Too few batteries: Decreases productivity.
  • Greater battery room visibility: Identify non-working equipment and problems in the battery room via management reports.         

 Which system do you need?

Whether your battery room is small, medium or large, there is an iBOS system that will save you money and minimize the number of batteries you need.  The following features matrix can help you determine which system will work best for you.   

 Number of Chargers per Controller 50 50 100 350
 Number of Battery Pools 1 1 9 9
 Compatible with All Chargers  iBos Comparison Bullet  iBos Comparison Bullet iBos Comparison Bullet iBos Comparison Bullet
 Blue "Pick Light" to Indicate Correct Battery iBos Comparison Bullet iBos Comparison Bullet iBos Comparison Bullet iBos Comparison Bullet
 Universal Voltage Sentinel iBos Comparison Bullet iBos Comparison Bullet iBos Comparison Bullet iBos Comparison Bullet
 Daisy Chain Wiring with Cable Included iBos Comparison Bullet iBos Comparison Bullet iBos Comparison Bullet iBos Comparison Bullet
 Built-in Shouter   iBos Comparison Bullet iBos Comparison Bullet iBos Comparison Bullet
 Built-in Touch Screen     iBos Comparison Bullet iBos Comparison Bullet
 7 Days On-Site Data     iBos Comparison Bullet iBos Comparison Bullet
 Built-in Configuration Wizard     iBos Comparison Bullet iBos Comparison Bullet
 Optional Web-Based Reporting     iBos Comparison Bullet iBos Comparison Bullet
 Optional 3G Modem for Web Connectivity     iBos Comparison Bullet iBos Comparison Bullet
 Optional Battery Tracker (Barcode)     iBos Comparison Bullet iBos Comparison Bullet
 Optional Charger Splitter     iBos Comparison Bullet iBos Comparison Bullet
 Optional Operations Display     iBos Comparison Bullet iBos Comparison Bullet
 Built-in UPS       iBos Comparison Bullet
 Optional Wireless Display       iBos Comparison Bullet
 Optional Remote Shouter       iBos Comparison Bullet
 Optional Scrolling Displays        iBos Comparison Bullet 
  • Number of Chargers per Controller: Number of battery chargers that can be connected to a single controller.  Multiple system controllers are allowed per battery room to accommodate even the largest battery rooms. 
  • Number of Pools: Number of different battery/truck types in your facility. If you have two smaller pools, you may want to use two iBOS Lite systems instead of one Plus or Pro system.
  • Compatible with All Chargers: Works with all High Frequency, SCR and Ferro Resonant chargers in a conventional, battery change application.
  • Blue "Pick Light" to Indicate Correct Battery: Bright, easy to see blue light tells you which charger to go to for the fully charged and most cooled down battery.
  • Universal Voltage Sentinel: Works from 12 to 80 Volts DC.
  • Daisy Chain Wiring with Cable Included: Simple installation means only 15 minutes of installation time per charger. 
  • Built-In Touch Screen: Color display shows next available battery for multiple pools and displays status and history information. It enables easy system installation and access to system settings.  
  • Built-In Shouter: The Shouter alerts the operator, with a loud alarm, when the wrong battery has been selected.
  • 7 Days of On-Site Data: Summary statistics on good and bad battery selections and a graph of battery availability for the past seven days are on the touch screen display. 
  • Built-In Configuration Wizard: Used to easily set up and reconfigure the system, the Configuration Wizard is accessed through the touch screen display. No separate computer needed.  
  • Optional Web-Based Reporting: Allows connection to iBOSWorld Web Service for up to five years of management reporting.
  • Optional Cellular Modem for Web Connectivity: Transmit data from the Controller to the iBOSWorld Web Service via the cell phone network rather than LAN based connection.
  • Optional Battery Tracker:  Add a barcode scanner to the system to provide individual battery run time and forklift truck utilization information.   
  • Optional Charger Splitter:  Allows for the addition of batteries without needing to add chargers or extra power to a building.  Enables directed, manual battery sequencing from the same charger. 
  • Optional Operations Display:  A live view of the battery room's state of readiness that features active system tasks and alerts. 
  • Built-in UPS: Uninterruptible power supply protects against power outages and power spikes. 
  • Optional Wireless Display: Makes battery selection information conveniently available on a battery changer. The bright touch screen display wirelessly communicates with the Controller to tell the operator which fully charged battery to take.
  • Optional Remote Shouter: Additional Shouter can be remotely mounted away from Controller for larger battery rooms.
  • Optional Scrolling Displays: Bright scrolling LED sign tells operators which battery is to be selected next. One display required per battery pool.


For large battery rooms or complex configurations, the Pro series is our most advanced system.

For mid-sized battery rooms, the Plus series is a cost effective solution especially for single level charger racks.

With a built-in shouter and diagnostics, the iBOS® Basic makes battery management easy.

Simple and low cost battery rotation for small battery fleets.

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