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Stealth Watering System™

The lowest profile battery watering system!

The Stealth Watering System™ is the best battery watering system on the market for light duty, smaller applications. It makes battery watering safe, easy and affordable and incorporates many unique features that make it the best in its class and the most convenient to install.  It fills an industrial battery in one tenth the time of hand watering, which means that these systems typically pay for themselves in under a year.   For example, a typical 25 battery account will save $7,000 per year in labor (at $20 per hour) when using the Stealth Watering System instead of hand watering.   These savings are only for labor and do not include the benefits of longer battery life and run time due to correct battery watering.   The system also improves safety since it prevents exposure to electrolyte while filing.  

How the Stealth Works

The Stealth Watering System is a float based system, which means that the flow of water into the battery is controlled by a buoyant float mechanism, which rides on top of the electrolyte.  As the battery is being filled, water flows into each cell through individual Stealth valves.   As the electrolyte level rises, the float rises with it and shuts off the valve when the correct electrolyte level is reached.  While the force generated by this process is small it is enough to shut off the valve in most conventional applications.  A float guard is used to protect the float and internal mechanism from damage during installation, from moss shield interference and from separator oil and shedded active material in the battery.   The shut off mechanism has been designed to shut off precisely under a wide range of operating pressures, which means that it will work with almost all facility water sources.  Our precision valve design is the key to our exclusive one-length-fits-all product design.  With the Stealth Watering System you do not need to worry about what float length is appropriate for your battery.  

Features & Benefits

  • One size fits all: Multiple float valve lengths are not needed, and all cells are filled to the appropriate level.
  • Fastest tubing installation: Unique push-fit tubing ports make installation of our Speed Tubing™  fast, easy and secure. Secure tubing by simply pushing tubing into ports. Tubing is released by pushing on the white collar piece.
  • No barbed fittings to break: Push-fit tubing connections eliminate the problems associated with barbs breaking off.
  • Lowest profile: At only 0.6 inches (15mm) tall, it is the lowest profile float valve watering system on the market.
  • Widest range of operating pressure: It operates with a pressure range of 3 to 45 psi (0.2 – 3.0 BAR).
  • Snap-fit base: Just snap the float valve into the vent well - no separate adapter is required. The valve can rotate for easy tubing alignment.
  • Abuse-resistant tubing: The system’s tubing resists kinks or crushing. With a small bend radius, it fits even the smallest cells easily, including 5 and 7 plate batteries.
  • Integrated float guard: This protective design eliminates the risk of moss-shield interference with the float while protecting the valve mechanism from separator oil.  
  • Highly visible fill level indicator: The indicator is visible from the top and side.

We have a range of water supplies suitable for the Stealth Watering System™ to ensure an ideal fit for any application.  

With just two valve body types the Stealth Watering System is able to fit all batteries on the market.   This simplicity and lack of complication makes choosing the correct valve for your battery easy.  


Standard body type that fits the vast majority of batteries on the market.

Specifically designed to fit Crown Battery Max-Haul and GNB flat plate batteries.