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The superfast battery filling system


The PitStop is the fastest automated filling system available on the market today.

Working in conjunction with a Water Injector system, the PitStop is simple enough to use that any operator can carry out the essential maintenance task of watering the batteries. When an operator is alerted to a battery needing water, such as the bright red led light on a SmartBlinky™, they simply drive up to the PitStop, attach the hose, push the blue fill button and in 15 seconds the battery is filled to the perfect level. Not only does it fill exactly to the level required, the PitStop features integrated deionizers meaning that impurities are removed from the water before entering the battery, reducing self-discharge.

This superfast battery watering system greatly reduces the time required for maintenance and lowers the overall labor cost considerably.

The PitStop fills your batteries in 15 seconds. All you have to do is connect the battery, press the 'start' button, and the rest is done for you. It can be positioned next to the water supply making it easy to install, allowing operators to simply drive up, make a quick watering pit stop then on to carry on with the rest of their duties.

This system can:

  • Save maintenance and labour time.
  • Maximise battery life.
  • Speed up maintenance work flow.

When all battery cells are filled, the water is automatically shut-off, the operator disconnects the hose and carries on with minimal disruption to their shift. Once connected to the mains water supply the integrated 80-liter tank continuously fills meaning the PitStop will always be ready for the next operator to make a pit stop.

The PitStop system has integrated safety features to protect both the operators and the assets themselves. The internal pressure regulators constantly monitor the pressure and shut-off when the water pressure is too low, as low pressure prevents the watering system valves from properly shutting off, leading to an overflow. When water pressure is too high, it can cause valves to shut off early, leading to dry cells. The built-in pressure regulator prevents this, and the unit shuts off if the regulator fails. All of this is designed to give you peace of mind.

How to use the PitStop