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SmartBlinky™ Temperature Monitor

Using a lead acid battery over 40°C damages the battery and reduces its lifespan.

A good rule to remember is that for every 10 degrees over 40°C the battery cycle life halves; therefore if the average lifetime temperature of a battery with a 1500 cycle life is 50°C it will only deliver 750 cycles.

‘In practice the temperature of the battery…fluctuates due to the many influences on it, and deviates widely from the ideal 30°C condition. Increased temperatures – especially in the range above 40°C – have a particularly negative influence on the service life, as all chemical reactions – including the harmful secondary reactions - are then accelerated.’ Considerations on the Life of Traction Batteries – ZVEI Batterien

The SmartBlinky Temperature Monitor reduces the damaging effects of high temperatures by alerting users with a solid amber indicator when batteries are between 40°C and 45°C and a double flash when batteries are over 45°C so they can select a battery that has cooled down.  If no battery temperatures are in a suitable operating range action can be taken by management to mitigate the problem.

Warehouse personnel often waste time inspecting and watering batteries that do not require filling, while batteries left under-watered can suffer expensive permanent damage.  The SmartBlinky™ range of Battery Water Monitors feature patented, UL Classified® technology that dramatically improves battery maintenance by intelligently alerting staff when a battery needs water. The new super bright LED light indication eliminates operator error by showing if a battery has sufficient electrolyte or if it requires topping. Philadelphia Scientific has now added two special monitors to the SmartBlinky range, one for detecting electrolyte spills in the battery tray and the other for indicating when the battery temperature is too high and reducing the life of the battery.