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Battery Tracker

Individual Battery Performance Data

Battery Tracker

Battery Tracker is a module available on our iBOS System. Utilizing our Barcode Scanner, Battery Tracker allows you to track individual battery performance data giving you a unique insight into how your assets are performing within your battery room.

The process is simple, the insight it gives you is invaluable. All you need to do is to scan the barcode labels on a battery, input your forklift truck's dead-man hours, scan the old battery, scan the new battery and the iBOS takes care of the rest.

The Barcode Scanner wirelessly transmits the captured data to the iBOS controller which then uploads it to iBOSWorld, giving you complete and remote access to the performance data of all of your tracked batteries on site. Through the website you can see individual battery run times, individual truck run times and usage hours that have been automatically calculated and presented on the Battery Tracker reports of the iBOSWorld Web Service.

No more paper logs to manually write, calculate and store, saving up to 5 hours per week per facility in administrative costs alone, simply by using Battery Tracker.

As the data is processed via iBOSworld, it becomes a lot easier to see which batteries are under-performing, so when it's time to replace your assets, you can review and quarantine the batteries that need replacing.

You can even scan battery watering and battery washing activities. These tasks are automatically recorded, providing you with a comprehensive log of maintenance activities, taking away the guesswork as to when these activities were completed. This allows you to pro-actively schedule essential battery maintenance and see exactly when it was carried out.

This optional iBOS module provides a low-cost alternative to the more expensive battery or truck-based data recorders since only one scanner is needed per facility.  

The easy-to-understand reports that are generated from scanning the assets are available remotely through the iBOSworld web service, giving you insight across your entire fleet, perfect for multi-site organizations.

Simple to use and robust barcode scanner enables the Battery Tracking module accessed through the same login for iBOSworld.

  • Scan barcodes to obtain:
    • Individual battery run times
    • Number of battery changes
    • Battery wash information
    • Battery watering information
    • Individual forklift truck run time and hour meter information