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Philadelphia Scientific is a world-leading provider of products and services for motive power and standby batteries, operating from North America, Europe, Southeast-Asia & Asia-Pacific. The creator and manufacturer of many market-leading products, PS continuously develops new innovations to serve the industry. This excellence in engineering, combined with a passion for quality, has made PS one of the most trusted brands in the marketplace today.


Next Generation iBOS

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Lean Battery Room

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Battery Watering Systems

Our range of Battery Watering Products caters for all markets, from single truck, low-use applications to huge fleets of trucks and heavy-duty applications.

Battery Monitors

A low electrolyte level in your battery will cause permanent damage to the cells. By fitting a Blinky you can help ensure your electrolyte levels are never low.

Battery Management Systems

A range of products and systems that manage your forklift batteries to ensure better efficiency and longer battery life.

Catalysts For Batteries

Maintain a healthy balance in your battery cells to prolong battery life.

Case Studies and White Papers

See and learn about our products at work in the real world and how customers benefit from using them.